I am already dead.

Every morning when I wake up I ask myself why am I still here?
I have no desire to live; Nor do I have the desire to die.
I don’t want to get out of bed; Nor do I long to stay under the covers.
I am desire-less.

“I” is free from desires.
When there are no desires, the “I”, the Ego, looks for meaning or purpose.
But without desire, there is no meaning nor purpose.

There just IS.

And in that understanding I have understood the “I”, as the Ego, has already died.
Because death is the return to the non-dual, desire-less, form-less source of creation.
Because before birth there is just the source.
And after death there is again, just the source.

And when during life there is just the source, this is similar to pre-birth and death.
When life just IS, there is no Ego.

And when we imagine that there must be a purpose or meaning, but there is only source, the Ego gets confused as it has nothing to latch on to.
And we get confused because we think that Ego is real.
So each morning I wake up in this confusion that “I”, Ego needs a reason to get out of bed and have a purpose to get through the day.
But because there is no desire, the Ego gets lost and confused.
And it questions its own existence, rightfully, “why am I still here?”

Now it is my turn to ask Ego, “Why are you still here?”
I, non-ego “I”, is creation, source, and being.
And because that is my state of being, Ego is rightfully doubtful about its reason of existence.
In reality, “I” is dead.
Then rises the question, when I am desire-less, body-less all encompassing existence, why do I still wake up in a body every morning?

What is the meaning of my physical form on earth?
The only way to make sense of it is to approach it, not through the lens of the Ego, but through the lens of existence itself, the source of creation.

There is no “I”, there is no Ego, there is only this physical lump of meat walking around on this planet earth as part of the physical experience that we all share.
This “life” (meaning the life-force, energy) is no longer “my” life, for the Ego has already passed away.
This “life” is just Life, as in everyone’s life.

This body walking around on earth is for everyone.
It is only here to do what is needed for the wellbeing of everyone and everything.
And even more simply, it is only here to do what is needed.
And what is needed, is simply this: to observe creation and to support it in the best possible way.
Only creation knows what is needed.
And so to say that we need to support it in the best possible way is already one step too far.
We can’t know until it is revealed.
It is already enough to observe and be part of creation. To be involved.
And when we achieve that, then “what is needed” will come naturally.

Life is simply this,
You are source… then you are born.
You are a part of source that takes a physical shape and has consciousness.
Creation happens; you are involved; you do what is needed; creation happens.
Death… You are source … Birth …

That is why I don’t care what happens or what the next step is in my business affairs, or in my life.
Because whichever way it goes, it is what needs to happen.
But if you try to force it in some way, through the illusions of the Ego, then tragedy will happen.
Because tragedy only happens in your head, which is where Ego resides.
But if you detach from Ego and are in touch with Source, then creation will happen the way it is supposed to happen.
And your physical being supports this happening.

Source resides in your underbelly.
Some call “Source” God.
Others call it the “Buddha-nature”
But it’s all the same essence.

These words are all my own and I take full responsibility for them.
I have spoken from my own experience.
Do not try to understand this cognitively. The true meaning can only be known in experience.

Love you all!