I stand for the OLD ways
These are the ways of the wise men, saints and sages of the old days
The ways that unite man and nature as one
These ways are from ancient times when man was aligned with nature
He was not subjected by it, nor was he above it
They were equal
And he is still equal
We are not just one with nature; We ARE nature
Nature is the source of all creation
The food we eat,
the air we breathe,
the water we drink,
the fire we use to cook,
the ether that shrouds us in energy
We ourselves are from nature
And when time comes we pay back our loan
We are here for only an instant
But beyond what we are able to perceive during this brief moment of life
life continues to flourish and wither
Our forefathers lived in accordance with the principles of nature
These principles are universal, timeless and ever permanent
A sound understanding of these principles lies at the foundation of the old ways
The old ways are the basis for our survival as a species
And they prescribe what it means to be here as a human being
What the purpose is of being alive.
The ways are not taught by scriptures or doctrines
They are transmitted directly by nature itself
To harness them needs you to align with the essence of life itself
And once that connection is in place
All you need to know will be revealed as clearly and pure as the light of the sun
The old ways are written in the air, the soil, the trees and plants, the animals and insects
They are written in our hearts
Only when we dare to go inside and open the book of our innermost soul
will the ways of our forefathers be revealed to us
Once you see, you will know
And once you know, you will see beyond the cloaks, masks and veils
Existence will be known to you
And you will be pure
Life will be clear to you
and you will know, with your entire being, how to be
How to be a human being
for that instant that you walk on this planet
and what is required of you to make your moment shine
And so, you will know.

(a poem – by Tyas Sosen – 20220303)