There is no other purpose to life than your divine obligation to be you.
There should be no other reason to doing the things that you do than this.

In the same way as the flower in bloom may put a smile on someone’s face,
but not because it willed it that way.
The flower makes the person smile because that is its divine purpose.

Just as the tree grows tall to give the man a solace of shade and an escape from the scorching sun.
But it didn’t intentionally stand in that location for that purpose.
It was simply the tree’s divine course of life that provided that its existence would be meaningful to another being for even this one brief moment.

In the same way we can live our life guided by our divine purpose,
and along the way we may bring true, deep felt joy, or comfort to another being. 

Our purpose is to be there (here) for when others need our presence.
But when we’re distracted we may not see that we are needed.
When we are distracted, we put our own intentions and constructions of the mind above our divine purpose and even subordinate it to them. 

We create an alternative reality of thoughts and beliefs,
and believe that they are more important than our essential existence. 

The real problem is that we make our existence based on what we ‘think’,
whereas we should simply be aware of what ‘is’, not of what we think we can make out of it.