The VICIOUS circle

As people we have created solutions for problems we have also created ourselves. 
We always want more, and put innovation forward to help us achieve that goal. 

But nature and our ancestors already had what was needed for our survival.
The solutions we brought forth created more problems, for which we continuously strive to create more solutions.
…But those solutions in turn create more problems

This is the vicious circle we are in as a species.
And we endanger the survival of not only human life, but all life on this planet; if not the survival of the planet itself…

This vicious circle can be broken.
But only if we halt the dangerous methods we are using.
Most drastically this would mean a full return to ancient ways of living.

I propose a return to total oneness with nature.
To abandon our comfort and to rely once more on the tools we received from mother nature to survive as a living human being.

Our bodies have systems in place to deal with natural problems.
Our immune system can deal with disease.
Our bodies when aligned with nature can heal, charge, and invigorate themselves.
But this return can’t happen with all the unnatural solutions we have created still in place.

We are f*cked.

The best thing we can do to make the most of it is to cultivate a strong awareness for what we have done.
And to use this to not let this happen again in the future.
We can take steps to become closer to nature once again, and to discover our natural systems in our bodies and train them once again to become strong.
But most of all, we must learn to find joy in the simplicity of life. 

For it is the way of nature that we can live without intention, or desire,
and to just be, fully present, in the current moment.
Awake when the sun rises, and asleep after dark.
Like a flower that blooms, and dies, only to return the following year.
Like a tree standing tall for nothing more than the mere sake of its existence.
Like water flowing over rocks, without a destination in mind, yet never stopping to ask where it is going.

I cry as I write this.
Because there is no purpose in life.
We are not going anywhere.
We are here.
And that’s all that matters. 

And that’s what makes existence beautiful.
To be, and to be grateful for this beautiful opportunity to see, and to feel, and to smell, and to hear, and to taste, and to simply experience.
Realizing this, we can be fully happy with where we are, and we can love and have compassion, and find joy in each and every moment.
Because each moment is unique, and gives us the opportunity to experience something new.

Life in its purest form is void from intention.
And when there is no intention, there is no will, or destination, or hidden agenda.
There just is this. Here and now.

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