What Are You
Of Losing?

If following the truth, and facing the hard reality of life makes you fear that you might lose something, or that you might have to give up on anything you have, then you should ask yourself the following question:

“Is that which you are reluctant to let go of worth more than finding happiness?”

Is the value it holds even real?
Or are you maybe lying to yourself about it?

“Would you rather be happy without it? Or worried, tired, angry, and even sad while trying to protect it?”

The truth has the answer for you. And it’s the only answer.
If your goal is to be happy, and you know that in order to be happy you may have to let go of some of your dearest possessions, material or immaterial, then the choice is yours.

You either take the chance and be happy, or you remain stuck in the life you live now.
There is no change without a tradeoff.
You’ll have to let go of some things to make place for other things to come.

Either way, the choice is yours.
You have the authority over your life, and you are responsible for the choices you make.
You know the outcomes of the actions you take, and you are capable of choosing the actions that will lead to your desired outcome.

Whichever choice you make, it is relieving to know that you will have influenced your future.
And, that it is always within your power to do things differently should you want to change things in the future.

The key, is to see clearly.
See the truth by being mindful, and find that quiet place in your mind.

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