We Are Taught
To Live

We are taught to live “irresponsibly”.
How often does it happen that someone teaches you to be responsible for your own action? Even more so, does anyone ever really teach you that you are in fact responsible for your own actions?

The blame and responsibility for something that happens to us, often goes to someone else; an external force. But it never occurs to us that the cause of what happened may also, somewhere have had something to do with ourselves.

If we retrace our steps, and look at decisions made in the past, we see that they often play a decisive role in the conclusion.

We think lightly of the things we say or do, but they have a tremendous impact on our future. In fact, it are those decisions, and actions that follow from them, that create the future. That is why, with each decision we make, it is really important that we are aware of the possible consequences that could flow forth from them. And, be courageous enough to be willing to take responsibility for the outcome, should we want to pursue with the act or utterance of words.

Learning to take responsibility is learning to be in charge of the future. And at macro-level teaches us to take charge of our life in general.

Whatever we do or say automatically has an effect tied to it. But often we don’t see them as one.

On the contrary!
We irresponsibly make decisions. And when the outcome is negative, we attribute it to someone else’s doing.

We need to wake up to reality.

To accept a situation we need to see that we have also played a role in its creation.
If we live with this insight, we can learn to forgive, be kinder, and as we become more aware of our responsibility, we can learn to be more mindful of the choices we make and the actions we take.

Everything we do, and the words we speak, inevitably have an effect on our own, and somebody else’s life.

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