Take Hold Of
The Wheel

How do you take hold of the wheel?
How do you take the course of your life in your own hands?

Begin by removing the noise.
Enter the quiet. And in that quiet, see the truth with your own eyes.
Admit it.
Follow it.
Act on it.
And create your own future.

Mindfully assess every moment, every feeling, and every emotion.
Assess what is true, and which reactions will bring a desirable outcome.
Don’t act impulsively. But,…
find the quiet,
face the facts,
… and do what is right.

Do you want to be happy?

Then be happy NOW.
Choose to take the actions and reactions that will produce happiness.

I don’t know anyone who intentionally wanted to be sad or angry.
But the ones who are, have somewhere along the way failed to take the wheel in their own hands.
They have allowed their lives to be ruled by others.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.
YOU are in charge. YOU make the choices. And YOU collect the outcomes.

But no one has ever taught us how to find the quiet.

The key is, however, that it isn’t something we ADD to our set of abilities.
It isn’t ‘more‘. In fact it is the opposite.
It is less of what we are already doing.

less is more‘.

Don’t work harder to find the quiet and get a handle on your life.
Work less hard.
Stop doing the unnecessary things that didn’t help you in reaching your goal.
Remove unnecessary distraction.
Focus down on the essence.

And from time to time, let go of everything to take a quiet moment for yourself.


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